Humour and creativity…these are the sorts of skills required when growing up in a large family in an isolated area.

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I never met a colour I didn’t like. - Dale Chihuly

About Me

Humour and creativity...these are the sorts of skills required when growing up in a large family in an isolated area.

One of eight children, I grew up near a tiny village in Central NSW on a mixed enterprise farm. All eight children headed off into the bright blue yonder chasing a wide variety of careers, and I headed to Sydney and Perth to pursue career interests unrelated to art….or humour! Fast forward a thousand years and I find myself back where I started, with a lovely family of my own and a new career in education and farming.

My family members are actually all creative, but due to life distractions in general, it hasn’t really been until later in life that any of us have given creativity some attention, It wasn’t until I spent some time teaching art to younger students that I understood  how enjoyable and satisfying it can be for people to create art and express ideas. These experiences in my workplace led me further to experimenting with my own artistic expressions. It has been a great surprise and total delight for me to discover that I can draw and paint and that my colourful imagination conjures up all sorts of scenarios that I am bursting to express in some way, whether through drawing, watercolour, painted canvas or silk scarves.

I love colour, I love whimsy and I love quirky, wild ideas. I really delight in thinking that my images can brighten up someone’s day.

Thank you for purchasing my artwork, and I hope it brings a little colour, joy, and lightness to your day, or maybe even a good laugh.